The Things That Glue Can’t Stick

Im sick of the downtown pressure

Like the rich’s gold droplet treasure

I hate the fumes of my old damned town

the farewells are no closer to new hellos

since the hello’s much less sincere then the worst goodbyes

I don’t like the place that i’m at

i don’t like the fashion sense and the hipster stigma

i’m tapping out on round two

i’m never getting closer to getting over you

i’ve never liked much changes to fear

like to have forced smiles running ear to ear


Underdogs in wet socks

i am weak and fragile. but i shall not let it show. because with vulnerability comes terrible odds. anything more could potentially kill my struggle.

i am strived and motivated. but i don’t want to let it show. because with confidence comes arrogance and misguidance. anything less could begin my struggle.

& Brothers

i’m afraid to admit that i feel lonely at night. after a few weeks in a new country, i felt that i am getting used to it. i have started seeing friends and get together with the family i have here. it was pretty pleasant and i am more then ready to take on this year ahead. that was until i went back to my country for a weekend. graduation day. all my friends met up to celebrate and congratulate me. we spent the night laughing, smoke a few cheap cigarettes and just eat. i keep telling myself that i would eventually find friends that i could spend time with like these bunch. but later i came to realise, to replace them, i need to look for brothers.