Sleuth of Youth

late night gym  sessions while listening to Modern Baseball and Frank Iero. a combination only an emo 14 year old after getting dumped by his totally scene girlfriend could invent. it is apparently now my routine. i am 21 years old and if it’s not for my receding hairline, i would’ve been mistaken as those emo teens. kinda think of it, it wouldn’t be so bad. having your youth in tact and all. i am a culprit to wasting my youth, although i am relatively still young, i always thought if i could visit the old me kinda thing, i would scold the damn brains out of that kid.

it certainly isn’t helping my constant idiotic regrets that i am watching a documentary about an Old women K-pop band on the gym television. is that thing suppose to make me think that i can still be productive past my 60’s? don’t get me wrong, i love what they are doing with their time and all the power they got left, but it tingles something inside of me that is struggling with the time that i have. i am impatient and i am sitting through a waiting that demands commitment.

like a struggling artist, i then thought of a verse of lullaby that none of you guys would probably get to hear

My youth, my youth

All i need is a sleuth

To find where it’s gone

So they would leave me alone

My youth, oh my youth

I lost another tooth

Won’t you come home

Before i’m just all bone






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